2011 Boston Light Swim ~ August 13, 2011 6:45 AM
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Congratulations to all the swimmers of the 2009 Boston Light Swim!

Conditions this year were good despite the water being a bit on the cool side.  The recorded water temperatures at NOAA buoy 44013 was 64 degrees at the start and 68 degrees near the end of the race, but several escorts took readings between 59 and 62 degrees during the swim.  We are inclined to believe that the water temperatures were in the high 50s and low 60s.  The air temperature was between 62-66 degrees.  The wind was blowing 12 knots from the NNW at the start making for choppy conditions.  Wave heights were recorded between 1.6 and 2 feet.

It takes a special person to have the courage to even start an event such as the Boston Light Swim. All of you now belong to small (albeit slighty crazy!) group of extreme swimmers.  Raise your finisher award filled with your favorite beverage and toast to your accomplishment!

When the sunburn fades and you can once again lift your arms, we hope that you will be left with only good memories from the 2009 Boston Light Swim!

We would like to extend a special thanks to everyone involved in making the 2009 Boston Light Swim a successful safe and fun event: the US Coast Guard, the Boston Harbor Yacht Club, the Curley Center, John Werner, Fed Knight, Jen Dutton, the Mikkelson family, Mel Locke, Mark Linker and all of the escort boaters.  It is because of you that this event went so smoothly.  We could not have run this event without your help.

Thank you!

The 2009 Boston Light Swim Race Committee:

Greg O’Connor
Paula Garland
Elaine Kornbau Howley

2009 official results

Place Swimmer’s Name Swimmer’s # Time (HH:MM:SS)
1 Neumayer, Sebastian 12 2:57.37
2 McMorrow, Andrew 10 3:19.46
3 Stokes, Jessica 16 3:21.11
4 Radville, Kate 14 3:25.34
5 Tharaud, Lauren 18 3:38.44
6 Mitchell, Charles 11 3:39.26
7 Lee, William 9 3:42.46
8 Tedesco, Darren 17 3:53.19
9 Burke, Eileen 3 3:58.57
10 Blumentals, Willy 2 4:15.14
11 Evangelista, David 6 4:21.43
12 Garbarino, Kim 7 4:25.18
Plewa, Kimberly 13 DNF
  Jepsen, Susan 8 DNF
  Awalt, Darlene 1 DNF
  Daprato, John 5 DNF
  Siry, Michael 15 DNF
  Colette, Laura 4 DNS
Place Team Name/Swimmer Team Number Time (HH:MM:SS)
1 Gaenzle-Kraus: Gaenzle, Rick; Kraus, Chris 19 3:44.08
2 Intrepid: McKell, Douglas; Kyle, Murray; Walker, James 21 3:58.20
3 Field of Dreams: Osborn, Rebecca; Wu, Amy 20 4:13.29


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